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Video Marketing on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Video Marketing

You will hear everyone at LeftLane bang on about video marketing in Charleston. We think businesses in Charleston already using video to market their businesses have a competitive advantage. Why? Because video marketing works. All the data points to massive uptakes in engagement so why aren’t more people video marketing on LinkedIn?

Video Marketing on LinkedIn is Tricky

Perhaps LinkedIn is more complicated than other networks. For starters, LinkedIn is a business-focused social network, so please make sure that your video marketing content is appropriate for the platform. Secondly, please make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up-to-scratch. People buy from people. Unless you’ve put a lot of effort into your LinkedIn profile before you attempt to market your video, your video’s performance might not meet your expectations. If you want to know what a great LinkedIn profile looks like to get a better understanding, we wrote this last year.

Build Your Sales Funnel

A great video can be used to expedite the buying process. Regardless of your industry, video works faster than the written word. It’s easier to consume, share and engage with. You can create several types of video in your sales funnel. This is just like the real world of awareness, consideration and conversions. We aren’t reinventing the wheel on LinkedIn, just trying to grease the cogs to get things moving faster. Add video marketing to your LinkedIn efforts.

We’ve written previous posts about the varying types of video content and their value proposition to your customers. Make sure that when you are using the various video sharing options on LinkedIn that your video’s objectives overlap with your viewers expectations. Always add value where possible. We’ve also written posts about building authority using video marketing.

Video Marketing on LinkedIn

If you want to get more out of LinkedIn, then please do get in touch. We’d love to help you.

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