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4 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Boost Engagement

By January 7, 2021 January 18th, 2021 No Comments
Video Marketing to Boost Engagement

4 Ways to Use Video Marketing to Boost Engagement

Did you know that only about one quarter of your content is actually consumed by your communities? Data suggests that on average, people will only engage with your content for about 37 seconds. What on earth could you write that would be of value in 37 seconds? A recipe? Absolutely!

That being said, not everyone is in the food and beverage industry and would find value in my recipes for lasagne. They want to know about video marketing. So that’s what we take the time to create at LeftLane. Creating content (like this blog) takes time. It’s sometimes discouraging to know that not many eyeballs will see it. It’s just the world we live in. Creating content that is evergreen and timeless gives you an opportunity to take the time to create something that can offer lots of value later.

So, you are limited with how much of your reader’s attention you can capture and for how long. What type of content can you create to boost engagement past 37 seconds? Video Marketing baby!  Everyone knows that video is better than the written word for so many reasons. Use video marketing to boost engagement!

#1 Show the Video in Context

Talking about how great you are can be difficult for some people in business. It can come across as pushy or rude which is counter productive to your efforts. Making sure that you have an explainer video or some way to describe the product or service is a fantastic way to get people to understand things more clearly before they reach out to you. This can speed up the consideration phase of the buying cycle and lead to more sales and higher conversions.

#2 Use the Video to Build Trust

You’ve explained what your do and why your product or service is so great. Now you have to connect with you audience and build trust with them. If they believe in your product and your business, they’ll be much more likely to commit to a purchase with your company.

#3 Use the Video Early

Embedding video into your social media posts, stories or blogs is pretty straight forward nowadays. Make sure that if you’re using video as part of your main message that you kinda get to the point and show the video early on. Don’t ask them to read an entire email from you and then ask them to click the link. You’ve only got 37 seconds so get to it!!!

#4 Use the Video to Summarise

Is your sales pitch 10 minutes long? Does your story take a minute or two to get through? Just like the meta data in a blog post, your video summary can be used to give people an understanding of what your message is without asking them to commit to 10 or 15 minutes of their time. Think about headlines in news papers and on websites.   Maybe your video is the teaser to get them to read on to get more information!

We’ve written load of blog posts about the value that video marketing offers your business. Lots of times it’s simply about humanising or summarising what you do. Giving your prospects a way to ‘get to the point’ or to save some time in the consideration period is key. Make sure you are creating great content in your video marketing to boost engagement in the future!


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