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Audience Mapping For Video Marketing

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Audience Mapping for Video Marketing

Audience Mapping For Video Marketing

Have you ever heard of a fishermen that went out fishing with bait not knowing what type of fish he was trying to catch? That fishermen would be hoping that the bait he chose was what the fish were looking for that day. He didn’t take a lot of factors into consideration like the actual fish, the tides, time of day or even time of year. There are a whole bunch of other factors that could directly or indirectly impact his efficiency at catching a fish as well but you get the point.

In the world of video marketing, if you consider your video to be the bait and the fish to be your online audience, you should see that it’s a lot more than just the video itself. Without the correct messaging, targeting and platform choice, you might not be very successful. Audience mapping for video marketing allows you to make sure that your video (the bait) takes all of the direct and indirect factors that could impact your campaign performance.

What is Your Message

What is it that you are actually trying to say to your customers. Is your video a brand video about your business in general? Perhaps you want to create a couple of service videos to explain what you do. Either way, your message is super important. You can’t always ask people to buy from you in the first instance. We discussed in building authority that it would require certain actions to be able to accomplish your objectives. Same thing here.

Is your message part of a bigger objective? Are you nurturing people along a sales funnel to ultimately convert the lead into a sale? Then the ‘ask’ is going to be completely different as well. Your ask has to be pretty simple and easy to understand. And you can’t ask for too much, too soon. That’s just rude and not really how business is done in the real world.


This is why Facebook is worth a couple of hundred billion dollars. As a marketer, you have the opportunity to target people based on all the things you’ve heard about. Between what you ate for lunch, your new sneakers on IG and your tweet about being on vacation, you’re constantly spouting commercially valuable content. This is all collected and used to filter out messaging by marketers who think you might be interested in their product or service. I think we’ve all got a decent grasp on this concept in 2021.

But going past the static demographics of age, sex, relationship status, the very best marketers use some level of psychology to understand the target audiences subculture. The things products, services or interest others who like your stuff may also like. For example. Your new cafe just opened and you sell decent coffee with decent pastries. Rest assured, if there are any cyclists within 20 miles or your location, they’ll be there. Why? Cyclists love coffee and pastries. It’s part of their social subculture. Get it?

The Platform

Kinda like the lake, river or ocean where you’re fishing.  You are trying to catch your target audience but you have to make sure that you are using the right social media platform. You may or may not be successful posting your content on LinkedIn, but you would almost certainly gain traction on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, each platform has individual differences in how you can target and how you can position your messaging. With video marketing it’s important to keep in mind that great video is only great when the right people are seeing it. It hurts our hearts to see folk spend a decent amount of cash on video production for it to sit on someone’s hard drive or die in a tweet somewhere. Make sure your video marketing content is published on the correct social media platforms.





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