If you’re stuck in the slow lane, itching to pull out and shoot ahead of the pack…better move across to the LeftLane NOW!

Hey there – This is Alex, I’m the founder here at LeftLane.

I set up this agency for people like you, who want better results – FAST. (See, LeftLane = speed, charging ahead. Get it?) Now, you’re busy. Too busy to sift through a load of self-important crap where I drone on about me the whole day. I get that!

BUT – if you’re going to trust me and the LeftLane crew to grow your business, I guess you’ll want to know how we got to this point where we can make a difference. (Yeah?)

So here’s the 2-minute version….

SCENE: My Boss’ Office

It’s September 2018, and for 27 months straight, I’ve been the rookie sales guy topping the leader board. Selling software and outgunning reps who’d been around for decades.


By generating my own leads, through Facebook, Linkedin, Google. While the others were grinding it out at networks, traveling to conferences, and chasing leads who’d keeled over and died years before…I was flooding my inbox with hot new leads every day. (I wasn’t Mr. Popular in the salesroom, but I was raking it in!)

But then whaddyaknow….?

I got fired!

See, we’d been bought out by a private equity firm, and their new head of sales wanted us to get “liberal” with the truth.

Not. A. Chance.

So, one severance deal later…

SCENE: A Friend’s Couch

…I was an ex-sales guy with an idea:

EVERYONE needs qualified leads - from blue-chip companies to the business down the road.

But agency pricing locks out the people who need it most: the tradesman, car dealer, restaurant owner…the ones who put everything on the line to build something of their own…

They deserve an affordable, results-driven agency that offers regular leads with zero marketing fluff. An agency that can 5x ROI on your marketing spend – whether you’re a corporate giant or a one-man show.

So, that was the plan…

I sunk my severance into the business. Slept on floors and lumpy couches for almost a year, while I did some trial work.

Results were good. But soon it hit me, real hard –

This marketing thing runs deeper! I’d only scratched the surface, I needed more know-how.


SCENE: A Building Site

I took a construction job, to tide me over. I’d work 3x15 hour days a week, then spend 4 days on mastery and helping clients…compressing 5 years of study into 12 months.

(It was a BLAST!)

Till finally, cut to:

SCENE: My New Office

By September 2019, word was spreading. And leads came flying in, because…

…Clients were seeing MASSIVE results!

Like Enthuzst, who went from practically zero to $millions in revenue. Or OTL Construction, who secured a $1.3 million contract. Or Bunker Burr – a luxury realtor who hit a $25 million annual target…in under 5 months! And more.

Soon, I needed a team around me. I brought in a couple of industry veterans, to expand the service and balance out that mix of youth and experience. Now we were ready for any marketing challenge.

…Video production? Check.

…Lead generation? Check.

…Analytics & intel? Check.

A new website, a whole lead funnel, regular content…we’ve got it covered. Using proven methods that we’ve learned from the best in the world, and tested in real life for our business and for clients.

Oh, and the lumpy couches? Not anymore – I’ve got my own place now, paid for by sweat and good honest results.

There – I said 2 minutes, right?

Now you know the story! And why we’re the totally driven, target-smashing, nerdy data folks to mix up creative with marketing science and take your business up a level.

Since you’re still reading, I think we should talk. But you’ve got to make the first move…

Ready? Let us show you how to win more customers.

  • Without Cold Calling
  • Without Networking
  • Without hacking away at your margin