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Video Marketing on Your Landing Pages

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video marketing for your landing pages

It’s not rocket science. You know all about video. All the crazy engagement stats. There are tons of usages for video online, but have you ever thought about using video marketing on your landing pages? Landing pages are a fantastic way to get people to take a specific action; most importantly, you MUST have your analytics set up correctly to measure all of your data. Without Google Analytics, Adwords and your Facebook Pixel, you’ll only get basic stats.

Regardless of how you drive traffic to your landing page, your objective should always remains the same. Take some type of an action. Subscribe to something, buy something or maybe show interest in something by leaving your details. This way the company can follow up with you in the form of a lead. These are called conversions. Regardless of the action taken, the conversion should always be the primary objective and focus of your campaign’s successes.

Video Marketing is a 4-Part Process

Video marketing for your landing pages is actually a 4 part process; landing page, messaging, targeting and ad creative. Obviously, the most important part is the landing page itself. You should always create a new or bespoke landing page on your website when you have specific offers and value propositions based on targeting. If you don’t you can have people swimming around your site seeing offers and content that don’t align with most of your other content. People browsing your site may not be in your sales funnel yet, so the messaging could be above or below their knowledge levels. Never assume your customers know everything about your product. At least with landing pages, you can tailor the message to educate the reader and then entice them to take an action. Also, make some UX changes to your landing page so you can A/B and optimise your results even more.

The second part is producing the video. Within the video you’ll want to polish your message and calls to action. Make sure you are accomplishing the objective of your video with the content your producing. Very often verbiage can be confusing and you’re actually talking to the wrong person in your message or you didn’t actually ask for a call to action. Stay focused on your message.

Researching & Forecasting

Researching & forecasting your audiences, key words and locations can be the strongest of weakest link in your campaign. This dove tails off of your video. You spent a lot of time making sure the message was correct. Don’t mess things up by aiming it at the wrong people online. This would mean loads of folk who really aren’t interested in your product or service land on your landing page. Not perspective targets. You’ll get lots of traffic and things might look good, but rarely does this type of poor targeting ever manage to provide meaningful results.

Lastly, it’s all about the ad creative that you put in front of people of how you may have to repurpose your content if need be. Word matter in advertising. Ever word. If you can’t say it on one line, make sure what you’re saying is easy to read on two lines. Make sure that your calls to action are clear and accurate to your landing page’s call to action. Don’t ask people to sign up when all you want them to do is watch something. The more transparent you can be with your ad creative, the more likely people will be to click on your ad.

Just because your new landing page is perfect, your new video is awesome and your targeting top-notch, you gotta make your ads look, feel and READ extremely well. In some instances you are limited by a certain amount of characters per line. You might not be able to complete a sentence. It’s tricky but great marketers understand this and will be able to create great ad copy so that users will click on your video marketing for your landing page much more often.

At LeftLane we’re able to create great videos, research your objectives like crazy AND drive the correct folk to your new ATM machine. When you can invest in your marketing, your rewards can go on for many months and potentially years. If you think you want to take some actions with your marketing, get in touch with us.



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