Digital Marketing For Daycare Centers

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Digital Marketing For Daycare Centers

Simple. Parents are busy people

Do daycare centers have digital marketing teams? What? Yes. Every business needs to spend money on marketing if they want to be around in a few years. Word of mouth marketing is what most daycare centers have done over the years. Perhaps the odd flyer in a parenting magazine or local newspaper.  Nowadays it’s called search engine & social media marketing. Why? Because we use digital media to share with our network of friends and family. Remember all of those viral videos, all those cute photos of kittens and puppies? That’s just people sharing normal content.  

The vast majority of people nowadays send each other links to websites and social media channels. Sooooooooo, if you expect people to refer you, you’ll have to have your act together when those opportunities come along. But what in the world do you share on social media as a daycare center?  

Industry Specific Content Help You to Leverage Your Relationships

Every single daycare center is a member of some type of association or governing body. That means that daycare centers have a huge amount of content to share on their social media channels as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign. Industry  specific content helps you to leverage your relationships and adds credibility to your offering and message. 

If you share a post from an educational organisation about your children you’ll most likely be adding value to your communities. Those new studies, new developments in the research and industry analysis, are all excellent things that can be shared to your social communities as part of your content strategy. 

Building a Sales Funnel of New Clients as Old Ones Leave

Kids grow up. We wished they didn’t but your customer’s child in only gonna be there for so long. Outside of governing bodies and the children having fun, you’ve gotta add in some hardline sales content to keep the new enquiries coming in. Highlighting pricing, availability and requirements.  

This blog isn’t  really about what to post but rather why it’s important. Think about adding value at a minimum. Don’t post to sell. Post to inform (not always about you). Post to educate and engage with your customers. Storytelling is a very powerful tool. People always buy from people and when you can humanise your business, your customers will want to engage. Just a thought. 

If you’d like some help in figuring out how your day care center could benefit from digital marketing, get in touch with us.

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