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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

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Outsource Your Digital Marketing…

How much do you pay your employees to work at your business? When you hired your team, did you consider if any of them were seasoned digital marketers? Did you ask if they had any previous social media management experience? Probably not, so unless you just hired a Lt Governor’s Writing Award Recipient, then you’re gambling that this person can help market your business. And if you’re doing all by yourself, are you doing it right? Could your efforts be better if you knew more? 

“I can invoice the company for my time creating this blog.” Said no one when it comes to getting paid extra to do the digital marketing if that isn’t their primary function at work. It’s always something on the to do list for a junior member of staff. Or it’s something that, when done, is done poorly or not optimised enough to get any substantial return on investment. There could be many things that are preventing you from marketing your business online effectively. Time, talent, resources, budgets etc. Have you ever spoken to a marketing agency to see exactly what services they offer and if they can help?   

Outsource Your Digital Marketing?


  • You’re not too busy, but lack writing skill sets
  • You’re not too busy, but lack technical skill sets
  • You’re not too busy, but lack content management skill sets


  • You’re not too busy, but need training
  • You’re not too busy, but need ideas
  • You’re not too busy, but need consistency


  • You need someone to write your blog
  • You need someone to post your blog 
  • You need paid media management

You might be an accountancy firm that charges $200 an hour and can’t afford to pay an employee to write your blog post when they could be working on billable chargeable hours. At LeftLane Marketing we curate each client’s marketing campaign around the people that work in their business. We take the approach of empowering our clients to take their own actions in-house as it adds more value to the messaging, tone and customer experience. We just handle the heavy lifting on the backend. Maybe we write your blogs but you handle the forum. Or maybe we only create amazing ad copy and connect it all together for you with MEANINGFUL analytics!

We are confident that if your business is lacking in skills or time for digital marketing, you should get in touch with us for a chat, to see how we can help you take the next steps to effective digital marketing.


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