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Video Production Costs – How Much Should You Pay?

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Video Production Costs – How Much Should You Pay?

How Much Does Video Production Cost? Why does a fancy latte from a specialist coffee shop costs $5? Do you think it’s an arbitrary number? It really isn’t. When you understand the coffee trade and the difference between commercial grade coffees (think petrol stations) and speciality coffees (think your boutique cafe)  it’s as clear as night and day. But why should the customer want to know if their $5 latte is good value or are they just being ripped off because they don’t know any better? Most don’t really care as it’s more of a social interaction than purely transactional but in business, the bottom line matters. Cause it just matters! 

Video Production Costs – How Much Should You Pay?

It’s not coffee, but how much should you pay for video production can be answered by a few simple questions. How many videos would you like, how many locations are needed to film, how long are the videos, how much production is needed to set up the locations? The theme here is time. How much time do you need from a professional videographer? The more time you can take to set things up, prepare etc all counts towards the amount of time you’ll need to book. Do you really need that shot from the footpath on the Ravenel Bridge?

What all business owners should consider when booking video production for their business

  • Crew It could be one person or a whole production team (director, producers, gaffer, grip etc). All of those people need to be paid for their time. Good people cost money.
  • Talent Unless you’re gonna get in front of the camera yourself, you’re gonna have to consider the cost of your actors and actresses; better known as talent. Good people cost money.   
  • Equipment Your iphone costs about 1.2K. Imagine how much a red camera or other high calibre camera costs? It’s not uncommon for camera to cost in excess of $10K. Why? Because of the quality of the imagery etc. It will  capture better quality content and better content means happier people; hopefully leading to increased revenues. Good tech cost money. 
  • Production / Art Design It’s gonna take clever people to set up a scene for you. These talented people help you to capture your vision for the shoot. Good people cost money. 
  • Location, Location, Location Unless you’re filming in the office, you will have to consider the costs of venue rentals etc. Good venues aren’t free.
  • Food Don’t even think about hiring people for the day and not feeding them. If you don’t provide catering services, the crew will just dine out (time) on your dime (money).

So it should be obvious that the more work you do as the client in terms of production, the cheaper your costs will be to get that awesome video production for your next business campaign. Don’t be fooled by those that tell you it costs 1000s of dollars for video production for your business. At LeftLane Marketing, we add value instead of zeroes to your invoices. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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