There are “SUPERSTARS” in your industry, hogging the chatter on social. They get all the attention, all the best gigs…shouldn’t that be YOU in the spotlight?

Make an impact on the social web, and you’re instantly MAGNETIC. Attracting fans and followers, wealth, and opportunities. But it’s too easy to get it wrong and see your efforts wasted.

So how about we do this together, and make you the FIGURE OF INFLUENCE?

Work with us to:

Narrow your efforts: getting hyper-busy in the 2 or 3 places where your customers hang
Find the HOT TOPICS & #HASHTAGS, and jump into the conversation
Go viral with LIKEABLE…CLICKABLE… SHAREABLE…content that makes you the talking point
Multiply your following by wading into controversy (POLARISE & PROFIT!)
Find influencers and get featured in their content as THE NEW THOUGHT LEADER
Get the full impact of social when it mixes with ALL your digital marketing

Can we really 5x your ROI?


Book a call and we’ll show you how…

If social can get a PRESIDENT elected…think what it can do for you!

How about this – imagine you’re running for the White House. Your war chest is overflowing.

You can do all the marketing you want, and more.

So, what are you going to do?

Well, if you study the last few elections, you’ll know the battle is won or lost on the social web. So presumably…

…You’ll find out where the big debates are happening, and build your profile there.

…You’ll connect with all the right people, and get them sharing your content. So you’re adding new followers by the truckload every day.

…You’ll find the segments in your audience and figure out what really matters to them.

…You’ll analyze every post to see what gets you traction…then do more of what’s working.

…You’ll schedule content around the big events and seasons on the calendar.

…You’ll jump on breaking news, so you’re always in the debate, bang up to the minute.

…You’ll repurpose all your content to give it a second life on other media. Like the LinkedIn comment that becomes a graphic on Instagram.

You’ll do all that and way more, to earn yourself a following – an audience that will go with you to the ends of the earth. Right?

And you can do it, because you’ve got that billion-dollar budget.

Except! Hang on…

You don’t NEED the kind of money that gets Presidents elected! Anyone can use those same strategies to win the race in business.

Sure, big budgets help! They let you push out more content, do more analysis and couple your free posts with a flood of paid ads, so your face is literally everywhere.

BUT social is more about GETTING SMART than spending big, big bucks.

So you can make one helluva splash with even a modest budget – enough for a small support crew that really knows what they’re doing.

That’ll be us.

We’re GEEKY enough to plan your attack, then analyze and adapt.

We’re CREATIVE enough to produce eye-grabbing content: videos… graphics… blogs…conversation starters… we’re on it.


We’re CUNNING enough to mix it up with your other marketing. So social works with your ads and websites to make you the triple threat.

We’re all that here at LeftLane. Because we’re forever learning as the social web evolves.

And our head social guy has been doing social since social became a thing.

We’ve got to talk about this, right?

Okay. Your move. Let’s talk.

We’ve dunked our heads in the murky waters of every ad system out there, and figured out what’s working. So we can get your ads out there, and make good on that promise to 5x your ROI.

All for an affordable fee, with no tie-in…so what’s not to like?

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Ready? Let us show you how to win more customers.

  • Without Cold Calling
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  • Without hacking away at your margin