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Getting It Right With Goals and Objectives

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Goals vs Objectives

At LeftLane we’re always asking our clients more questions than they ask us. In the beginning its really important to truly understand the client’s business, industry and opportunities. With planning and understanding comes success. Getting it right with goals and objectives makes it so much easier.

But What’s The Difference Between a Goal and Objective?

For most small businesses, a goal is a brief, clear statement of an outcome to be reached within a timeframe such as 1-2 years. This can be much longer for bigger more established companies. A goal is a broad, general, tangible, and descriptive statement. Goals does not say how to do something, but rather what the results will look like. They are measurable both in terms of quality and quantity. Goals are also time based. It is achievable. The goal is a stretch from where we are now. Above all, it is singular.

Goals can be described or defined as “Outcome statements that define what an organisation is trying to accomplish both programmatically and organisationally.”

Some common business goals are, grow profitability, maximise net income, improve customer loyalty and etc. Notice the brevity of these statements.

In comparison, an objective is a specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound condition that must be attained in order to accomplish a particular goal. Objectives define the actions must be taken within a year to reach the strategic goals. For example, if an organisation has a goal to “grow revenues”. An objective to achieve the goal may be “introduce 2 new products by 20XX Q3.” Other examples of common objectives are, increase revenue by x% in 20XX, reduce overhead costs by X% by 20XX, and etc. Notice how the objectives are more specific and provide more detail.

Macro and Macro Goals For Your Website

Every website is online for a reason, at least it should be. The primary goal / conversion on a website is called a “macro goal” or “macro conversion”.  This could be making a purchase, opening a forum account, making a dealer appointment etc.

However, most often websites exist for more than one reason. The secondary goals of a website are called “micro goals”. Think about downloading a brochure, watching a demo and asking for more information.

Putting Everything Into Action With Video 

Video is the most powerful marketing tool you business will have outside of face-to-face contact. The biggest benefit of video is that it can live anywhere, be shared with anyone and consumed much more easily. At LeftLane, we don’t just shoot video for our clients. We help them to align their business goals and objectives with the marketing collateral and messaging we create.



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