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9 Reasons to Use Listing Videos For Real Estate

By August 27, 2020 No Comments

If you’re not using videos to sell properties in today’s real estate market you really are selling in the dark ages.  There are lots of reasons to use listing videos for real estate. Mainly, that video is everywhere, on everything; all with infinite purposes. Some people have been scanning QR codes at restaurants for the most up-to-date menus, while others are scanning them at car dealerships for digital brochures, but imagine putting a QR code in a newspaper ad and asking people to scan the code and watch the video?  At LeftLane we’re always thinking of innovative and interesting ways to increase the engagement and reach of our clients’ content. 

Over the last year or so our real estate clients have seen dramatic increases in their sales because of the brilliant listing videos for real estate that we create. Our videographers are experts at capturing each property’s essence; enabling our clients to sell properties more quickly and in some cases remotely. One of the reasons to use listing videos for real estate is for your website’s visitors. It gives those potential buyers a fantastic perspective of the property. As a result, your website should drive more leads and more revenue. Our team only uses the best lighting and cameras,  providing our clients with commercial quality videos.

9 Reasons to Use Listing Videos For Real Estate

  1. There is no comparison between the effectiveness of video over images (1200x better).
  2. Video can be more easily consumed on a mobile device (we all own one). 
  3. You can drive traffic to video with printed materials (signage/listing).
  4. Videos give potential buyers a better perspective of the property (qualified viewings).
  5. Videos can showcase areas of property above the treeline (drone shots). 
  6. Increased page views and browse times.
  7. Increases SEO benefits to SERPs (search engine results pages; Google).
  8. Videos on landing pages increase newsletter (email shot) sign ups. 
  9. Compared to traditional high quality photography and printing of brochures, listing videos are a much cheaper option. 

There will always be a need for printed collateral when buying and selling homes. Make no mistake, however, video is the future of real estate. The limitations of video are only limited by the client’s budget and imagination. If you are a real estate agent or private seller and don’t have listing videos on your website, get in touch. We can help.

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