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Video Repurposing for Marketing Your Business

Video Repurposing

In the era of video, building a video-driven content marketing strategy is essential. Yet, no marketer can keep continuously coming up with new video content ideas. And there is no need to keep searching for something new and fresh every time. Consider using video repurposing for marketing your business.

Chances are, you or your marketing teams are creating tons of content – text, video, audio, anything. These efforts take a lot of time, creativity, and money. So, what happens with most marketers – they create content, post it once or twice, and then it’s left to grow old and die eventually. That’s such a waste, though, to invest so much in content and not make the most of it, expecting to get millions of YouTube views or Facebook shares just from posting it once. What you have to start implementing is a smart and efficient content repurposing strategy that involves video.

Don’t Recreate, Repurpose

The way to overcome the need to recreate new content is to repurpose existing content. Taking a longer form video and cutting it into multiple short clips is a great way to extend the life of your video marketing objectives. You could take the 4 minute landing page video you created for your clients and begin to repost the content on social media channels like YouTube and Facebook. Even though the video is old, it has been repurposed to suit the need of today. Not a single penny was spent on video production, just a short period on editing old content for new social posts.

4 ways to you can extend the life of your content:


1. Turn long form videos into short clips

2. Turn long form audio into short clips

3. Turn long form text into short blog posts

4. Make sure your newish content is the right size

5. Always use captions


Now when you know all the best techniques for turning various types of content into videos for social media, you can start implementing a video repurposing strategy straight away. Let us know in the comments section below what challenges you are facing and feel free to ask for recommendations and tips on overcoming them.

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