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Video Production Essentials: The Brand Video

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Video Production Essentials

Brand Videos Captivate While They Educate

One of the most important types of video assets a company can have is a brand video. These videos are used as organic content on social media platforms, or as video ads across the internet.

At Left Lane Productions, we believe that if you are not sure where to start when it comes to video production for your business that a Brand Video makes the most sense.

“So what is a brand video?” you may ask. In short, a brand video does one thing above all else.

Brand videos educate audiences about your business.

A brand video is essentially a company overview.  It’s typically a short video that gives the viewer a high-level overview of what you do, who you serve and what you represent.

Why is Brand Education Important?

Check these statistics out:

These four statistics paint a very clear picture:

  • Your audience wants videos.
  • Your competition knows this and is probably already using video content.
  • Your audience learns more effectively from videos.
  • The internet’s primary purpose is now providing video content.

You might look at these statistics and already be convinced that having a brand video is crucial for digital advertising success. If you’re ready to get started. Contact us today. 

If you need a little information before pulling the trigger. We don’t blame you and are here to help.

Examples of Brand Videos

When creating a brand video you have to ask yourself the question, “Does my business offer a product or service that is out of necessity and more transactional or does my business offer a product or service that is more emotional in terms of why your customers buy?

Let’s dive into our portfolio and take a look at two brand videos we produced for two automotive shops in Charleston.  Both are in the same industry but offer different services that fill the needs of different clientele. Let’s take a look and see how the two differ.

First up is A+ Auto Service.

A+ Auto Service is a mechanic shop in Charleston.  They specialize is repairing automotive issues for your everyday driver.  They have a fast turnaround time, fair prices and the best warranty we have seen in their industry.

A+ Auto Service offers a service that is out of necessity and more transactional.

When your car breaks, you need to get it fixed! You want it done quickly, at a fair price, by a shop you can trust.

A buyer who is seeking a product or service out of necessity is really seeking information.  This is really important when planning how your brand video should come together.

Information Included

  • Who they are.
  • What they do.
  • Where their locations are.
  • What they represent and their mission.
  • Their uniques selling proposition. (Industry Leading Warranty)
  • Call to Action (CTA) – How the buyer can get what they offer

In A+ Auto Service’s Brand Video we included all the basic information their buyers need to at least spark interest in their business and to show the prospective customers that they are a viable and trusted option.

This video will be the first thing that greets their prospective customers on their website, social media channels and even their TVs in their waiting rooms.

This is a great way to introduce your business in a personal way to prospective customers that might be unfamiliar with your brand and what you have to offer.

Next up is Platinum Automotive Center.  Platinum Automotive Center is another automotive shop in Charleston, but with very different clientele and services.

Platinum Automotive Center offers high-end performance upgrades and repairs for some of the most expensive cars in the world, including Lamborghini, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari.

Ask yourself, why does someone spend +$300,000 on a car? Is it because they NEED that new Lamborghini or is it because they WANT that new Lamborghini?

Well, I’m sure if you asked some people you’d get a few that said, “Yes! I 100% NEED that new Lamborghini!!!”, but in reality, this is very much an emotional “WANT” purchase.

People purchase and upgrade these cars because of the feeling it gives them.  The feeling of being cool, the rush of the speed and the exclusiveness of the culture associated with these vehicles, which is why A+ Auto Service and Platinum Automotive Center’s Brand Videos look nothing alike because their clientele is motivated by different things.

A+ Auto Service is more transactional, which means heavier on the information to promote a purchase.

Platinum Automotive Center is more of a want, so we focus more on the emotional factors that influence a purchase.

See the difference?

So ask yourself, which one are you? Transactional or emotional?

Having watched both of those videos, consider what emotions you felt? Chances are, you feel that Platinum Automotive Center and A+ Auto Service are at least trustworthy businesses if not, downright impressive!

Why Is This Though?

Humans are sensory-based creatures. We immediately respond with our strongest sense – that of sight. When we watch a video, we encode the information in a different way than if we were to read it.

Through expert, professional editing we can incorporate psychological theories such as LC4MP to make your brand video more effective at communicating messages.

Without getting too deep into the weeds, LC4MP states that humans have a limited capacity for processing information. This limited capacity can be manipulated to your benefit by editing a brand video in a specific way, making the recall of information much easier.

How To Get Started

Brand videos speak to your audience in terms that they have subconsciously developed for thousands of years. Don’t rely on a boring text explanation of what your business can do.

Standout from the competition, increase your brand awareness and educate your audience while captivating them. Click the link depending on where you want to go next, and we can get started crafting the perfect video for your business today.


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