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Instagram For Small Business

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Instagram for business

Of course you already know that Facebook owns Instagram. You’ve been using Facebook for over a decade with varying results. It’s your go-to social network. Why? Because billions of people hang out there.  Instagram was only the little sister of Facebook; the more creative type of social network. So how on earth do you use Instagram for small business? Simple. You use video!

Video is Everywhere

And its here to stay! If your business isn’t using video in some way to market your business it’s almost certain that you are losing opportunities to grow and expand. At the very least you would be strengthening the bonds between your existing customers and your business. That’s the default objective.

But how on earth does a small business take the giant leap into video production for social networks like Facebook and Instagram? Figure out what type(s) of videos your company could use, for what purposes and what outcomes would you hope for, then plug them into your digital landscape and your’e all set. Kinda like an objective and goal.

Video Doesn’t Break the Bank 

With the rise of video production within digital marketing, there came an assumption that it had to be super expensive to be of any value. That’s simply not true. The whole video production industry has shrunk into devices that you can hold in the palm of your hand. Not just iPhones but really clever cameras as well.

Unless you’ve got a creative wizard in your office, the iPhone just isn’t going to cut it. You’ll want professional help but you can do most of the leg work yourself to save costs.  

Video Can Live Anywhere

Not just on your YouTube channel or website, but loads of different places like Instagram stories, reels and posts. Remember, Facebook owns Instagram so when you want to market on the platform, you can point them to any other website on the planet using video.

Video Perform Better That Words

Stop playing around and ignoring how effective video can be. Also stop telling yourself that it’s too expensive and not worth it. There are only billions of people that you could engage with. Video helps all of that to happen and guarantees a higher level of engagement and conversions.

At LeftLane we specialise in video production for small business; adding value everyday for our clients to benefit from for years to come. We’re also expert at paid media management. Get in touch to see how we could create your IG video and then market it for your business.

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