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Generate Leads with LinkedIn InMails

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LinkedIn InMails

Most small business owners will agree that growing your business is an important aspect to being in charge. No one wants to simply maintain their business turnover. With time and money being very limited for small business owners, how do they do that? Simple. Any small business owner can grow their business and generate leads with LinkedIn InMails.

But what are LinkedIn InMails exactly? They are person-to-person messages sent within the LinkedIn platform. These messages (DMs) can be sent to targeted users based on various targeting options. The beauty behind this feature is that you don’t have to be connected to the other user in order to send them. But hold up, it’s not that easy!

Peer to Peer Marketing Works

People still buy from people so before you go charging off to spam everyone on LinkedIn, you’d better get your profile in order. All the paid media in the world won’t be as effective if your profile on LinkedIn isn’t top-notch. That being said, it doesn’t take a lot to create a great profile but you’ll need one if you expect your prospect to engage with your message.

Also, you’ve got to treat LinkedIn like being a gardener. You can’t just go in for the kill. You want to grow and cultivate your new connection into a prospect and customer. This requires great etiquette and other sales training to give you the best chance of success.

What Kind of Messages Can I Send?

Just like any other type of marketing you can choose the objective that best suits your business. Everything from growing your reach through awareness, all the way up to selling via DMs and links to e commerce. It’s really up to you. But consider one thing first. What’s the ask? What do you want the user to do? Since they don’t know you, you may simply ask them to connect. You might ask them to watch something etc.

The asks themselves are part of your marketing strategy so get your messaging aligned and ready for that nurturing and progression towards a sale. Create your funnel and fill it to the top with leads!

Target Your Best Prospects with Ease

Using LinkedIn’s basic and paid for search features you can easily find, organise and engage with those users. Wouldn’t it be great to only target users that had recently started their new position? Could you imaging how amazing it would be to target based on years on the job or seniority? LinkedIn adds behavioural targeting which, in our opinion, makes this super duper fragilistic expialidocious!

It’s Going to Cost You

Features like InMail are not always free. Depending on the type of LinkedIn account you have, you may or may not have free InMails. If not, you’ll be required to spend some marketing budget to send these messages. The cost to send will vary dependent on your targeting and schedule. Think of the entire campaign and management like an email marketing exercise.

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