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Are You Using Facebook Chat for Your Website?

By July 1, 2020 August 31st, 2020 No Comments
Facebook Messenger

It appears as though Facebook is in constant beta; experimenting with algorithms, reformatting the UX (user experience) or rolling out new features. To Facebook’s credit though, the constant platform changes are what’s kept bringing us back for more content. Over the last few years, Facebook has limited the reach of organic business content. Marketers were up in arms about the drastic drop in the reach of their content. It was like things had fallen off a cliff. But ad agencies quickly adapted their content strategies to involve more paid and live media to make up for the drop in organic reach. 

While Facebook may have limited the reach of most businesses’ organic content, they did build tools and plugins that helped businesses communicate more easily with their customers from within Facebook’s ecosystem. The biggest success to date has been the integration into Facebook’s messenger app platform. Only about a billion people use messenger!  All from their phones. Businesses are able to connect to their customers using Facebook chat when both are logged into the platform. 

Facebook Chat For Your Website

But recently, Facebook developed a plugin for business owners that connected messenger to your website; meaning customers could chat to you on your website when you were logged into the platform. Developments continued and more innovations were released. Currently, not only can your customers chat with you from their phone via messenger on your site, via a plugin, but you can also automate a fair amount of that interaction by preloaded questions. This could be used to prequalify potential customers and leads; saving you time and spreading up the process of communicating to your customers more effectively.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Facebook Messenger on Your Website

  • Provides another mobile channel to communicate with your customers
  • Bots can help to automate and pre qualify leads / questions
  • It can save you loads of time
  • It can offer 365/24/7 first touch for your customers and be added to workflows
  • It’s about mobile and connected to FB messenger, Everyone has messenger

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