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Analytics – Is Your Business Marketing Blind?

By August 1, 2020 August 28th, 2020 One Comment
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Analytics are everywhere. From your Apple Watch to your Shopify store page or website, you personally and your business are constantly collating data though analytics. Analytics that measure things like resting heart rate, steps taken or even calories eaten. You can literally see that data and get some type of understanding as to your current state of health and nutritional intakes. You can, at any time, know what is going on with your body. Who wouldn’t want that kind of information for their business as well? 

Analytics – Without Them Your Business is Marketing Blind

Your business has tons of data that is being captured by your Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Business Manager, Linkedin Business Manager etc. This data can be used in a 360 view to see and understand how well your online business platforms are performing. What social media channels drive the most traffic? What blog posts get the most engagement? These are all questions that can be answered with meaningful data. This data can be used to make strategic or even real-time changes in your business offering. 

Segments Success

Don’t just count your sales, count the who, what, when, where and why. 

Identifies Strengths and Weakness 

Don’t just look at the median numbers. Look at the highs and lows and figure how you can reduce the gaps between your best and poorest performing digital marketing.

Optimising Offering and Messaging to Increase Revenues

Don’t set and forget your marketing each month.  Abandon what doesn’t work. Lowering your cost per click and reducing your cost per acquisition means you don’t have to increase your marketing budget to increase your sales. 

Business owners today have zero excuses for not knowing who their customers are, what products or services they offer are doing best and what channels are driving those sales. No excuses. But a lot of business owners think it’s too complicated to combine all of this omni channel marketing together. Maybe it’s a bit tricky but that’s where LeftLane Marketing comes in. We can help you put it all together into one simple report, full of meaningful data to your business. 


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